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Our corporate charter


This document is a declaration of intent on the part of the management of JMB Arrosage Automatique Sàrl.

It expresses the values and commitments with regard to our customers, our staff and our environment. Its purpose is to guide management in its organization, in its decisions and in its actions.


Employees daily contribute to the application of the charter, which is regularly reviewed in order to adapt it if necessary to our economic and environmental working environment.
Our corporate charter translates our mission, our objectives, our values and clarifies our vision.

Company framework

We are a company active in the production of irrigation sets which includes the study and production of automatic watering systems. We import, sell and distribute irrigation equipment and offer maintenance and repair services to our customers.

We operate in French-speaking Switzerland, more particularly in the Geneva region and the Lemanic plateau.

We position ourselves as a local company, capable of carrying out complex projects thanks to the support of the skills of our partners.

Company fundamentals

Initially employed as a technician in a company in the sector, Mr. Jean-Marie Beaud became independent in 2015.

After 7 years of service, he wishes to create his own structure and is considering new working methods that put ethical and environmental considerations at the heart of company's activity.

Each stage of the value chain is redesigned with the aim of optimizing energy and reducing the environmental impact.

A major challenge for a company in the water industry.

The approach convinces customers and partners and in 2019, the individual reason takes the legal form of a limited liability company (Sàrl). One employee is hired, then a second. The company moves its commercial premises and growth is launched.

Our engagement

Our only wish is the satisfaction of our customers and we are committed to providing quality service and ensuring the effectiveness of our interventions. We make every effort to offer a service with a low environmental impact and to exercise our profession in a responsible manner.

Our vision

Become an essential partner in French-speaking Switzerland for the construction and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems.

Our missions

To be a trusted partner for the development and implementation of automatic irrigation systems:

To study quality solutions that reduce the environmental impact of irrigation

Achieve efficient systems adapted to the needs of our customers

Maintain facilities and ensure the constant optimization of the irrigation network

Our values

✓ Quality
✓ Efficiency
✓ Reactivity
✓ Innovation

Social and environmental responsibility

We act and deploy our activity in compliance with the fundamental principles of social and environmental responsibility.

✓ Act with loyalty, fidelity and exemplarity
✓ Respect the dignity and rights of everyone
✓ Comply with laws and regulations
✓ To preserve the environment
Participate in the creation of wealth


JMB Automatic Watering Sàrl strives to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment, in particular through the following actions:

Eco design of the proposed irrigation systems,

Optimization of irrigation times by installing integrated timers

Reduction and optimization of travel

Resource-efficient management

Waste recycling

Energy optimization of premises

Choice of green energies

Raising employee awareness of energy saving and Eco-driving

These measures aim to reduce energy consumption (water, electricity, fuel) and reduce CO2 emissions. For the remainder of the CO2 emissions, JMB Automatic Watering Sarl works to offset its carbon footprint by planting local trees.
In order to measure these efforts, the company is engaged in the ECO21 program,  Services Industriels de Genève (GIS)

and has already obtained its committed business certificate.


A company cannot exist without its employees. JMB Automatic Watering Sàrl has made a commitment to promote the well-being at work of its employees, their appreciation and development, but also to promote social dialogue and good managerial practices.

The company complies with social insurance laws and applies the "Collective labor agreement for parks and gardens in Geneva »(CCTPJ). This agreement notably governs working hours, the right to holidays and overtime. It sets the minimum wages for the branch of activity and specifies the mandatory fixed allowances. Social insurance (AVS, AI, AC, APG), accident and sickness insurance for loss of earnings as well as contributions to occupational pensions are also standardized by the CCTPJ.

In a logic of continuous improvement and valuation of employees, the annual performance appraisal interviews are an opportunity to discuss the successes and difficulties encountered during the year, to jointly identify the measures to be taken the work of employees and their development.

As a responsible company, JMB Automatic Watering Sàrl is committed to improving the purchasing power of its employees as long as the financial indicators allow it and strives to provide decent living conditions for all employees.


Business ethics is a condition for the sustainability of the company and its growth. The 8 principles following are applied:

✓ Leading a responsible policy
✓ Respect customers
✓ Comply with the rules of fair competition
✓ Demanding the best from our partners
✓ Avoid any conflict of interest
✓ Protect internal, confidential information and intellectual property.
✓ Empower

Responsible purchasing

JMB Automatic irrigation Sàrl favors the local economy and works mainly with suppliers in the Geneva region. The stability of relations contributes to success and constitutes a major asset for the security of supplies. The purchasing policy is therefore naturally geared towards long-term partnerships.

Particular attention is given to labels and other certifications that suppliers may have (EcoLabel, BCorp, SwissMade, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, etc.)

Sustaining the economic fabric of Geneva is a priority in the selection of suppliers.
JMB Automatic Watering has joined the builders-partners group.

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