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For a positive evolution over time

Durability at the center of our concerns

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High social and environmental standards

B Corp certification means that a company has been verified as meeting B Lab's high standards for social and environmental impact, has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and demonstrates of accountability and transparency by publicly disclosing this performance report in its B Corp profile. ​


B Corp certification doesn't mean that a company is perfect, nor doesn't mean that it has achieved its highest impact. It shows that it is part of a global community of businesses working collectively to change economic systems, and that to remain committed to this work, it must meet increasing standards of social and environmental performance.

JMB Automatic Watering is B Corp certified since November 2023.

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Swiss label

For quality products and Swiss services

“Made in Switzerland” products and services are synonymous with competence, quality, tradition and terroir, both in Switzerland and abroad – values that Swiss Label, the company for the promotion of Swiss products and services, knew how to recognize.

The members of Swiss Label manufacture their products and services exclusively in Switzerland, according to defined percentages. This is important because it allows us to guarantee that products and services bearing our label meet Swiss quality standards. 

JMB Automatic Watering has been certified Swiss Made since May 2022

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Actions for the energy transition

Energy savings constitute one of the key elements of the energy transition. They contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the climate and to the phase-out of nuclear power both locally and globally. Since 2007, the program sig eco 21

successfully supports Geneva residents in reducing their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 2050 energy strategy

Carrying out the objectives of the Confederation (Energy Strategy 2050) and the Canton of Geneva, its ambition is to make Geneva the most efficient region in the world.

JMB Automatic Watering is SIG-éco21 certified since January 2022.

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